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A popular term referring to the appearance of blood vessels, in particular of the retina, which are easily visualised and which have discontinuous (segmented) columns of blood fancifully likened to trucks (also known as railway cars) on a railway; trucking is regarded as a post-mortem finding
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We can still enjoy being the driver and being a team owner with the Busch and Truck," Harvick said, "where I don't think we could do both if we owned the Cup car.
The undisputed facts demonstrate that TLC, as taxpayer, paid per-diem expenses to the truck drivers and provided its trucking company clients with the expense substantiation information required by Sec.
The industry and its suppliers have generally found that a truck is limited in its trailer size and capacity because a semi-sized truck and trailer combination is too cumbersome and fuel-inefficient for most routes, and qualified drivers become even harder to find.
truck operators equipped with CTI are offered extra weeks of work during spring break-up and are given favourable trucking rates.
When MTMC surface shipments reach destinations in Uzbekistan and Karshi Khanabad by rail, road or aircraft, contracted private trucks managed by Cintron's unit redistributes the supplies to American and allied troops in Afghanistan, completing the supply chain.
Over radios, the guards call the base frequently to update their location, and maintain a steady dialogue with the truck driver as well.
I know the pain of suicide shifters, as I once had to drive a truck with such a transmission from San Diego to Sacramento without any instruction.
TMAC also updated its projections for passenger and light truck tire imports.
When the focus is on combination units--big rigs, generally 18 wheels, with trailers pulled by truck tractors--we find that fatal wrecks dropped by 4.
Hornaday, who won two Truck Series championships with Dale Earnhardt Inc.