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Nickel prices troughed in Q1 2009 and have been rising since, as the economy shows some early signs of recovery.
The index, which measures medium term business confidence, suggests that the recession has troughed in both the
The index, which measures medium-term business confidence, suggests the recession has troughed in both the UK and Eurozone and that the pace of the slowdown will diminish.
He said: "The MPC's 9-0 vote in favour of unchanged interest rates in April and general tone of the minutes reinforces belief in the view that interest rates have very likely troughed at 0.
The Fed continued to whittle down that number long after the Dow troughed in 2002, eventually bringing the rate down to I percent in 2003.
Underwriting losses troughed at $53 billion in 2001, swamping investment income and resulting in a loss of $27 billion of surplus (9/11 accounted for only approximately $9 billion of this loss).
Spiked and battlemented, it spearheads through sand troughed by the receding tide, as if to lumber out to sea (Barber Institute, Birmingham).
The portable, versatile beltline maintenance tool is designed to safely lift fully loaded, troughed or flat conveyor belts.
That's not to say we don't have that attitude ourselves but we peaked and troughed too much to win.
troughed in percent change terms in the third quarter 2004.
For that is what RK Narayan aspired to - to accept his own lot that so peaked and troughed all his life, without recourse to self-pity, exaggeration or sentimentality - - his failure in exams, the loss of his wife Rajam after just four years of marriage, the numerous rejections of his early manuscripts, and finally, the loss of his only child, Hema, to cancer, a few years before his own death (May 13, 2001).