trough level

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trough lev·el

(trawf lev'ĕl)
The lowest concentration reached by a drug before the next dose is administered, as determined by therapeutic drug monitoring.
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Two (2.0) ml venous blood sample (trough level) was collected from each patient, in EDTA container, after steady state level of drug in patient was achieved i.e.
Notably, it was observed that the trough level of ASLAN004 required to completely inhibit signal transduction via the receptor was over an order of magnitude lower than that of existing therapies.
[15] computed that the AUC/MIC >400 was about equivalent to a trough level of 8-9 [micro]g/ml in their study of 1660 samples from 702 patients.
The dose was adjusted to 1.0 g three times per day until the trough level concentration of vancomycin was 14 mg/L.
In general, there are many factors that might increase the risk of nephrotoxicity in patients receiving vancomycin plus PTZ beside the concomitant use of this combination, such as higher doses of vancomycin or PTZ, a high vancomycin trough level, and/or concomitant use of other nephrotoxic medications [8,17-19].
Satisfactory trough level ([greater than or equal to] 3 [micro]g/mL) was associated with CR and MH (p <0.001).
The weather descended is replaced by diverged air at ground level, and even if the thickness of the layer of convergence at higher levels on the thickness of the low-level divergence is more, or in other words, the trough level is closer to the Earth's surface, the high pressure of Middle East is amplified.
Further, all study participants will initially continue on the standard immunosuppressive regimen consisting of basiliximab, corticosteroids, and tacrolimus (tacrolimus trough level 5-10 ng/ml after 6 months), in accordance with our center's pediatric LT protocol.
The anti-Xa level can be measured as a peak level, which is drawn four hours after administration of the third dose, or as a trough level taken immediately prior to administration of the fourth dose.
At the same time, because the trough level of tacrolimus was 2.0 ng/mL, tacrolimus dosage was increased to 3 mg/day.
Consequently, when we entered the current build period, volumes were approximately half of typical trough level. In order to climb back to 3.62 tcf, weekly growth rates will need to be far above historic norms.