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The precursor to elastin; tropoelastin does not contain desmosine or isodesmosine cross-links.
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A gene on chromosome 7q11.23 that encodes elastin, one of the two proteins in elastic fibres. Elastin is rich in hydrophobic amino acids—e.g., glycine and proline—which form mobile hydrophobic regions bounded by crosslinks between lysine residues.

Molecular pathology
ELN deletions and mutations are linked to supravalvular aortic stenosis and autosomal dominant cutis laxa.
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This plasticity could partially explain the mild differences observed in collagen type I and tropoelastin mRNA levels, as the expression of ECM proteins is greatly upregulated in contractile myofibroblasts, induced mainly by TGF-[beta]1 [18].
Gene expression of tropoelastin and the cross-linking enzyme prolysyl oxidase were not affected by IL-2/[mAb.sub.CD25] (Figures 3(g) and 3(h)).
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Dermalastyl-B, from DermaPlus Inc., claims to produce better results than the above antiaging products, which because it contains tropoelastin, which the maker asserts supplements elastin levels in the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles already there and helps prevent new ones.
In this study, tropoelastin, which is the precursor to elastin found in skin, was expressed in E.
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The researchers created MeTro gel-an advanced rubber-like material made from tropoelastin, the protein in human tissues that makes them elastic.
Satoshi Onoue of Kose provided details on the development of a new method for the evaluation of tropoelastin (TE) deposition and investigated the involvement of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in photoaged skin including abnormal accumulation of tropoelastin induced by UVA irradiation.
Resistance of tropoelastin and elastin peptides to degradation by [[alpha].sub.2]-macroglobulin-protease complexes.
"We discovered that tropoelastin is a curved, spring-like molecule with a 'foot' region to facilitate attachment to cells.
The soothing lotion is formulated with Elastatropin, the laboratory synthesized form of human tropoelastin, Argireline to assist in relaxing facial muscles, and Matrixyl 3000 to promote collagen production, among other skin friendly ingredients, to improve "the wrinkled condition of the skin," according to the company.