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The precursor to elastin; tropoelastin does not contain desmosine or isodesmosine cross-links.


A gene on chromosome 7q11.23 that encodes elastin, one of the two proteins in elastic fibres. Elastin is rich in hydrophobic amino acids—e.g., glycine and proline—which form mobile hydrophobic regions bounded by crosslinks between lysine residues.

Molecular pathology
ELN deletions and mutations are linked to supravalvular aortic stenosis and autosomal dominant cutis laxa.
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Functional consequences of homocysteinylation of the elastic fiber proteins fibrillin-and tropoelastin.
We discovered that tropoelastin is a curved, spring-like molecule with a 'foot' region to facilitate attachment to cells.
She added, "Elastics are used in applications as diverse as clothing, vehicles, tissue engineering and even space travel, so understanding how the structure of tropoelastin creates its exceptional elastic properties will hopefully enable the development of synthetic 'elastin-like' polymers with potentially wide-ranging applications and benefits.
The soothing lotion is formulated with Elastatropin, the laboratory synthesized form of human tropoelastin, Argireline to assist in relaxing facial muscles, and Matrixyl 3000 to promote collagen production, among other skin friendly ingredients, to improve "the wrinkled condition of the skin," according to the company.
Dr Jeff Holst combined routinely used cell hormones with a new elastic-like substance called tropoelastin and coated them on the plates on which the cells were grown.
contains Tropoelastin, a precursor to human elastin and a complex chain of more than 600 amino acids.