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pertaining to the tropics, the regions of the earth lying between the tropic of Cancer above the Equator and the tropic of Capricorn below.
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(trŏp′ĭ-kal) [Gr. tropikos, turning]
Pert. to the tropics.
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Q. Is it possible for teenager (13-25 years old) to have a white hair? (For tropical people) If possible, why?

A. And example of how it looks in poliosis:

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In this section we define the notion of circuits, cocircuits and duality for tropical Wick vectors, and study the space of vectors which are "tropically orthogonal" to all circuits.
With temperatures tropically warm inside and the pool not too packed, it was an enjoyable experience for us all.
With temperatures tropically warm inside and the pool not too packed it was an enjoyable experience for us all.
Given the further disruption of the Icelandic volcano dust cloud preventing England's return home, topically (and tropically) it was Notts teammate Graham Swann's flight that turned the Australian challenge to ashes.
A unique feature of the Brooksville collection was the number of embryos collected from tropically adapted cattle--at least 100 per breed-- something not done on a large scale by other collaborating repositories.
The buffet is served on the lower deck and features tropically infused salads u palm heart and green banana, avocado, tomato and red onion and Caribbean coleslaw.
The Latin influence, combined with the more than 12 million visitors a year who come for the sun, relaxation and great libations, make for a tropically influenced yet diverse drinks scene.
Pakistan is lucky in having two best tropically breed of buffaloes, such as Nili-Ravi and Kundi breeds, eight recognized breed of cattle of Hostein Friesian and Jersey breeds as well as their crossbreed with local cattle (Sahiwal, Red Sindhi and Thari); Dera Din Pench, Beetal, Nachi and Kamori goats and Lohi, Kjli, Keghani, Damani, and Salt Range sheeps are augmenting animal production in the country.
The weather was tropically hot and humid (there was no air-conditioning where I was staying, which made sleeping especially difficult) and the food took some getting used to.
Dining options included the seafood signature restaurant Samak and the tropically inspired Palm Restaurant.
Almost tropically warm, it had at least four slides, the best of which was the wild-water ride.
Now if you travel tropically or dine out at a festival, presenting with a problem that is stomach or intestinal, wear latex gloves and wash your hands.