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pertaining to the tropics, the regions of the earth lying between the tropic of Cancer above the Equator and the tropic of Capricorn below.
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(trŏp′ĭ-kal) [Gr. tropikos, turning]
Pert. to the tropics.
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Q. Is it possible for teenager (13-25 years old) to have a white hair? (For tropical people) If possible, why?

A. And example of how it looks in poliosis:

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In present study, serum total protein, albumin, globulin and A/G ratio values of tropical theileriosis affected cattle were significantly (P[greater than or equal to]0.05) lower than healthy control cattle (Table 2).
Hematological and coagulation profiles during severe tropical theileriosis in cattle.Turk.
The results of this study showed that Sahiwal, Pakistan is an endemic area for tropical theileriosis which is in consistence with the work reported by Muhammad et al., (1999) and Zahid et al., (2005) in other districts of Punjab, Pakistan.
The positive animals of Group B showed high levels of parisitemia and exhibited clinical signs typical to tropical theileriosis. These results are in line with those reported by Osman and Al-Gaabary, (2007), and Omer et al.
(2003) who reported tropical theileriosis to appear soon after the appearance of tick infestation, and reaches the highest prevalence in July.
Table 2: Bi-monthly incidence of tropical Theileriosis from April to September at private livestock farms in
3: Bi-monthly Morbidity, Mortality and Case Fatality rates from April to September due to tropical theileriosis at Private Livestock Farms in district, Sahiwal.
Impact of cattle migration from Rajasthan to Haryana state in India on transmission of tropical theileriosis. J.
This cytokine is a potent inducer of all the major clinical symptoms of acute tropical theileriosis such as pyrexia, anaemia, anorexia, muscle wasting and necrosis (Graham et al., 2001).
Table 1: The portrayal of clinical markers of bovine tropical theileriosis of 21 calves Clinical markers Recorded Number of calves percentage (%) revealed Lymph nodes enlargement 100 21/21 Pallor MM 90.48 19/21 Reduced appetite 90.48 19/21 Pyrexia (40-42[degrees]C) 85.71 18/21 Pica 66.67 14/21 Coughing and respiratory 66.67 14/21 distress Lacrimation 66.67 14/21 Exophthalmia 52.38 11/21 Petechiae and/or ecchymoses 47.62 10/21 Lateral Recumbency 38.10 08/21 Submandibular or Ventral 38.10 08/21 edema Diarrhea 14.29 03/21 Melena 9.52 02/21 Haemoglobinuria 9.52 02/21 Jaundice (yellow) MM 9.52 02/21