Tropical Cyclone

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A storm system characterised by a large low-pressure centre and thunderstorms that produce strong winds and heavy rain. More technically, it is a non-frontal synoptic scale cyclone originating over tropical or sub-tropical waters with organised convection and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation
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The Red Alert areas by Tropical Storm Risk in Yemen is Qalansiyah.
Latest satellite imagery on Tuesday showed the tropical storm had moved towards the northwest from its original position located west-central of the Arabian Sea, during the latest six hour period.
The hurricane center said the fifth named tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season had sustained winds of 45 mph and was centered 1,245 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands.
Typhoon Son-Tinh (Ofel) arrived as a tropical storm on 25 Oct 2012.
In deep water: Brandon Ellis rides his ATV next to the waves coming over the seawall alongside Beach Boulevard in Waveland, Mississippi, as Tropical Storm Isaac's winds begin to hit the Gulf Coast.
Around 20 tropical storms pass through the Philippines every year.
MEXICAN authorities have confirmed 11 deaths from Tropical Storm Arlene and the aftermath of floods, mudslides and overflowing rivers in central Mexico and Gulf Coast states.
Summary: A brewing tropical storm is threatening more delays in attempts to end the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
Washington, May 19 (ANI): NASA's Aqua satellite has captured the formation of the first tropical storm of the Northern Indian Ocean cyclone season.
El Salvador is importing beans from Nicaragua after losing 40% of its red bean production in the aftermath of Ida Tropical Storm, reports Laprensagrafica.
Emergency warnings have been issued in the Bahamas and parts of the Turks and Caicos Islands, as Tropical Storm Hanna approaches, having left at least 21 dead in Haiti.
Hurricane Gustav caused a killer landslide and dumped torrential rain on southern Haiti before weakening to a tropical storm.