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pertaining to the tropics, the regions of the earth lying between the tropic of Cancer above the Equator and the tropic of Capricorn below.
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(trŏp′ĭ-kal) [Gr. tropikos, turning]
Pert. to the tropics.
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Q. Is it possible for teenager (13-25 years old) to have a white hair? (For tropical people) If possible, why?

A. And example of how it looks in poliosis:

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4 Comparison of biogeographical elements of the tropical forests in China.
The tropical cyclone that affected the country this month was locally named "Hanna", which enhanced the southwest monsoon.
The bureau said that tropical cyclones are not uncommon at this time of year, although April is late in the season.
Taken together, these studies suggest that the sensitivity of tropical ecosystems to climate change has increased substantially in recent decades.
The importance of travel medicine in infective tropical stroke must be kept in mind by all practitioners.
Tropical clothing isn't for everyone, so try embracing your inner hula girl with a tropical flower headband for occasions like parties and festivals - also perfect for disguising bad hair days.
The Institute of Tropical Medicine is a comprehensive healthcare, research and training centre based on the principle "Blood is life".
Fernand isn't the only storm front the NHC has been tracking. ( Tropical Storm Gabrielle has formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, forming quickly since Monday due to open water.
this morning, the center of Tropical Storm Kajiki was located at 16.5 degrees north latitude and 107.4 degrees east longitude, moving southeast at a speed of 3 kph.
READ: Potential tropical depression now in Philippine Area of Responsibility This tropical depression will likelyaffect Northern Luzon and is seen to make landfall.
A Tropical Storm Warning means that tropical storm conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area within 36 hours.