The dynamics of nutrition or metabolism.
Synonym(s): nutritional energy
[tropho- + G. dynamis, power]
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Trophodynamics of mercury and other trace elements in a pelagic food chain from the Baltic Sea.
Projected changes to the trophodynamics of PCBs in the western Lake Erie ecosystem attributed to the presence of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha).
Abstract--Surveys were conducted to evaluate and compare assemblage structure and trophodynamics of ichthyoplankton, and their variability, in an estuarine transition zone.
We propose that the larval assemblage structure, zooplankton distributions, and trophodynamics observed in the Patuxent River provide insight into the role of salt front-ETM features and dynamics in other temperate estuaries that receive variable freshwater inputs and which support fishes with diverse life histories (estuarine-dependent, anadromous, and freshwater resident).
Age and growth, reproduction, habitat preferences, and trophodynamics remain virtually unknown for these diminutive species.
The relatively slow growth rates of dinoflagellates may have led to their reduced abundance during these high river discharge events, These changes in the phytoplankton community have been linked to altered trophodynamics and nutrient cycling, which subsequently affects fishery habitats and yields.