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A trophic influence or condition.
Synonym(s): trophism (1)
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The trofotope (trophism) is studied: A = little fertile, B = moderately fertile, C = fertile and D = very fertile.
These changes result from the direct effects of thyroid hormones on the skin trophism and perfusion.
Neurotrophic factors have been tested on spinal cord injury experimentally, especially those with actions on several aspects of neurorestoration, for instance, wound repair, neuronal trophism, and neuroplasticity [75-77].
Chadi, "Involvement of astroglial fibroblast growth factor-2 and microglia in the nigral 6-OHDA Parkinsonism and a possible role ofglucocorticoid hormone on the glial mediated local trophism and wound repair," Journal of Neural Transmission, supplement 73, pp.
et al., 2009, Effects of local vibrations on skeletal muscle trophism in elderly people: mechanical, cellular, and molecular events.
pneumoniae infection and the specific role of neuraminidase A (NanA), a pneumococcal protein described to promote CNS trophism, revealed that NanA was necessary and sufficient to activate host chemokine induction including IL-8, CXCL-1, and CXCL-2 [85].
Our results indicate that nasal irrigations with thermal water had a good effect on endoscopic objective signs, nasal resistances and epithelial trophism.
Comments: Precursor to hyaluronic acid, 500 Daltons molecular weight, bring deep and long lasting moisturization to skin, redistribution of free water and help to im prove trophism of skin; intensive clinical studies to back up claims.
during a study found that the applying other growth factors derived from platelets on the corneal epithelium, increase their development and trophism, these findings are consistent with our results that showed rapid wound healing and fast return of corneal transparency [11,16,17].
Effects of the invasive macroalga Lophocladia lallemandii on the diet and trophism of Pinna nobilis (Mollusca: Bivalvia) and its guests Pontonia pinnophylax and Nepinnotheres pinnotheres (Crustacea: Decapoda).
Oral transmission and early lymphoid trophism of chronic wasting disease PrPres in mule deer fawns (Odocoileus hemionus).