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A trophic influence or condition.
Synonym(s): trophism (1)


An older term for the innate mechanisms operational in an organism—i.e., its physiology—by which it replenishes depleted nutrients (i.e., homeostasis).

Modern equivalents of the term trophicity would depend on context, they might include physiology, homeostasis, nutrition and trophism.

trophicity (trōˈ·f·siˑ·tē),

n the body's innate inclination to replenish its depleted supplies of nutriment.
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The result is a temporary improvement in lymphatic and local blood flow circulation for improvement of skin trophicity in the treated area.
Sediment accumulation during the BO and AT was strongly influenced by climatic (increase or decrease in aridization) and lithologic (leaching of the catchment area sediments) factors, as well as by the development of water reservoirs, revealed in the increase in their trophicity (Vlasov 2004a, pp.