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A native sodium carbonate.
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Phenology was similar at both trona plants in all years and the data were combined.
Deller used his honorarium to buy a beat-up Jeep (in which he scoured the back roads) and five acres of land ($2,000 at auction) in the beleaguered nine-church, one-bar town of Trona, California, staking a presumably enduring claim on the West Coast.
FMC Corporation has discontinued trona mining and mothballed soda ash production at its Granger, WY operation.
ANA MARY ARMYGRAM is the Distinguished Randall McLeod Marmoreal Professor of Textual Bibliography at the University of Trona.
Since FMC began mining trona in 1948, the company's operations have improved and expanded to meet the world's growing need for this basic mineral.
0 million annual savings over unmilled trona for a typical 500MW PRB unit at a 60 percent SO2 removal rate.
Coal miners have been Wyoming Machinery's main customers, however the purchase of the Bucyrus line will let expansion into the trona production taking place in the western part of the state.
For more than a century, McLanahan has been involved in in the manufacture of crushing equipment, with a focus on crushing soft minerals using roll crushers, feeder breakers and rotary breakers to process materials such as coal, salt and trona.
The main danger is ex-chaser, Ca Na Trona from David Easterby's in-form Sheriff Hutton yard.
The contest went the way of Charlie Mann's Ca Na Trona, who survived a blunder at the final fence as jockey Kevin Tobin sat tight, and the pair eventually beat Super Judge.
Keefe said the company will retain a presence in Southern California - including the 800 employees at its Boron mines; the trona mines in Owens Lake and the port operation at Wilmington.