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(trō'kē), Avoid the mispronunciation trōsh.
A small, disc-shaped or rhombic body composed of solidifying paste containing an astringent, antiseptic, or demulcent drug, used for local treatment of the mouth or throat, the troche being held in the mouth until dissolved. The vehicle or base of the troche is usually sugar, made adhesive by admixture with acacia or tragacanth, fruit paste, made from black or red currants, confection of rose, or balsam of tolu.
Synonym(s): lozenge, morsulus, pastil (2) , pastille, trochiscus
[L. trochiscus fr. G. trochiskos, a little wheel, fr. trochos, a wheel]
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An obsolete term for a lozenge, see there.
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(trō-kĭs′kŭs) [L., Gr. trochiskos, a small disk]
A medicated tablet or troche.
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