trochanteric bursa

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tro·chan·ter·ic bur·sa

1. the subcutaneous trochanteric bursa [TA] between the greater trochanter of the femur and the skin; Synonym(s): bursa subcutanea trochanterica [TA]
2. a multilocular trochanteric bursa of gluteus maximus [TA] between the gluteus maximus and the greater trochanter of the femur; Synonym(s): bursa trochanterica musculi glutei maximi [TA]
3. the trochanteric bursa of gluteus medius [TA] between the gluteus medius and the greater trochanter; Synonym(s): bursae trochantericae musculi glutei medii [TA]
4. the trochanteric bursa of the gluteus minimus [TA]. Synonym(s): bursa trochanterica musculi glutei minimi [TA]
Synonym(s): bursa trochanterica [TA]
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Studies have reported reactivation of trochanteric tuberculosis after previous surgical drainage in the pre-chemotherapy era (8,12), This raises the possibility that our patient might have suffered from tuberculosis of the trochanteric bursa 10 years back, treated by incision and drainage alone, followed by reactivation, However since records of the previous episode are not available with the patient, it is not possible for us to conclude whether the current episode was reactivation of the initial episode (which was tubercular, treated only by incision and drainage without antitubercular chemotherapy and remained quiescent for a long period of 10 years) or a new infection unassociated with the previous episode.
The anteroposterior pelvic radiograph revealed a region of ossification lateral to the right hip joint corresponding to the trochanteric bursa region.
Most evidence supports a steroid and lidocaine injection into the trochanteric bursa as a first-line treatment.