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, trochanterian (trō'kan-ter'ik, -ter'ē-an),
Relating to a trochanter; especially the greater trochanter.
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, trochanteric (trō'kan-ter'ē-ăn, -ter'ik)
Relating to a trochanter; especially the greater trochanter.
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, trochanteric (trō″kăn-tē′rē-ăn) (trō-kăn-tĕr′ĭk)
Rel. to a trochanter.
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Few reports discuss physical therapy for trochanteric bursitis.
We described an iatrogenic obturator anterior hip dislocation in a patient who had sustained a subacute posterior hip dislocation in association with a chronic greater trochanteric fracture.
et al [18] reported 28% stable and 72% unstable trochanteric fracture, Larsson S, Friberg S et al19 reported a series of 35% stable and 65% unstable trochanteric fracture.
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The most common recurrent PU was sacral ulcers (82.1%), followed by ischial ulcers (20.5%), trochanteric ulcers (15.4%), and others (2.6%).
The retained stem however was noted to be well fixated and required an extended trochanteric osteotomy (ETO) to facilitate safe extraction.
The association of bi-trochanteric diameter, bi-acromial diameter, bi-acromial diameter/bi- trochanteric diameter, height, forearm length, arm length and body mass index (BMI) with carrying angle were analyzed by using Pearson's correlation test.
She was initially seen at an outside facility and was diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis.
After 56 days, in all the animals in the spongy bone tissue of the trochanteric region of the femur bone were formed hypoestrogen-induced osteoporotic changes (according to the results of histomorphometry).