trochanter minor

less·er tro·chan·ter

a pyramidal process projecting from the medial and proximal part of the shaft of the femur at the line of junction of the shaft and the neck; it receives the insertion of the psoas major and iliacus (iliopsoas) muscles.
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Compared with the two former cases: (1) their pelvi-femoral bridges were completed and the heterotopic new bone formation, which connected the trochanter minor and the ischio-pubic region, was located in the posterior area of the hip joint.
Pelvis radiograph illustrates degenerative changes in acetabular and femoral surfaces, osteophytes, narrowed joint spaces, short femoral necks and well-defined calcification (arrowhead) near right trochanter minor (b).
Radiographic evaluation of the patient with X-ray revealed a 13 x 6 cm radiopaque mass extending from the anterior border of acetabulum to the trochanter minor medially and the trochanter major laterally (Figure 1).
The CT revealed a mass which was bridging from anterior aspect of coxofemoral joint to the trochanter minor with a large attachment (Figure 2).
Trochanter minor was in the form of a highly prominent ridge in caudodistal part of caput femoralis on medial end (Fig.
It is assumed that it supports better the dorsomedial forces in cases of fracture of the trochanter minor (A2 and A3).