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The samples carcass were defatted by ethyl ether extraction (Fat--method number 920.39) in a Soxhlet-type device (AOAC, 1990), triturated in a ball mill and stored in closed plastic containers.
Methanol extract was triturated in water and subsequently shaken with ethyl acetate and n-butanol.
The oil was triturated with n-hexane to give a white powdery solid (12 mg).
The leaves were triturated and extracted by hydrodistillation for two hours using a Clevengertype apparatus.
About 1.0 g of tissue sample (rumen dorsal sac, rumen ventral sac, liver, Longissimus dorsi muscle and duodenum) was triturated in saline for 3 min.
The gum was triturated with ethyl acetate to give off-white needles (57 mg) mp 251-253[degrees]C, [[[alpha]].sup.D.sub.23]-23[degrees] (c = 0.90, MeOH).
The solid was then triturated with water and filtered three times to remove any acetic acid and/or ammonium salts.
The DRGs were cut into small pieces, treated with collagenase P (3 mg/ml, Boehringer-Mannheim), neutral dispase II (8 mg/ml, Boehringer-Mannheim), and DNase (0.5 mg/ml, Boehringer-Manheim), in Liebowitz-15 (L-15, Gibco) tissue culture medium (diluted 10 parts L-15 + 3 parts water) containing garamycin (l0 mg/1) for 1 hour, and triturated to complete dissociation.