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(1) 3H Tritium nucleus, a radionuclide consisting of 1 proton and 2 neutrons; it is a weak beta-emitter with a physical T1/2 of 12.26 years
(2) A family of proprietary nonionic, surface-active agents
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As previously mentioned in this press release, all wells which are producing for Triton are estimated to drive in $1.
TAC's management team is a spin-off of Triton American Well Services, LLC.
President and CEO, Louis Guidry states, "I am honored to have a strong management team underneath Triton Austin Chalk and Triton American Well Services.
Louis Guidry, current President and CEO of Triton American Energy will now be overseeing Triton American Well Services while running Triton American Energy.
Weekley is the President of Triton American Well Services.
Paul Cothran is founder of Triton American Well Services and Day Star Oil and Gas Corp.
Over the last twelve months, Triton American Energy has been actively working to place 15 oil and gas wells online within the Humble Field.
The wells are set to drive immediate revenues into Triton American Energy.
Triton American Energy will have a unique advantage in being the only oil and gas production company presenting.
On Thursday November 18, 2004, Triton American Energy will be presenting at a second investor conference held by Taylor Capitol, Inc.
Earlier this year, Market Advisors provided a short-term price target for Triton American Energy of $2.