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Containing atoms of tritium (hydrogen-3) in the molecule.
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Because it is so difficult to remove tritium, most nuclear plants release tritiated water into the environment.
Atrazine displaced the tritiated E2 in a dose-dependent manner (Figure 2A), demonstrating the ability of atrazine to bind to GPER, although with a lower binding affinity compared with E2.
Prestwich GD, Marecek JF (1991) Chemical modification of inositol trisphosphate: Tritiated,fluorinated and phosphate-tetered analogues, ACS Symposium Series 463 Inositol polyphosphate and derivatives Edit Allen B.
Tritium is a rare substance and within nuclear fusion reactors, it uses a catalytic reaction to enrich as tritiated water and a system to collect it as tritium gas is required[4].
However, more recent studies using tritiated leucine (Marsh-Matthews et al.
2], temperature, total dissolved nitrogen, fluorescence, tritiated leucine incorporation, tritiated thymidine incorporation, and density) for downstream BIOENV analyses.
The results of tritiated thymidine assay, colony formation assay, and flow cytometry indicated that Myricanol inhibited the growth of A549 cells.
Autoradiographic study of DNA synthesis and the cell cycle in spermatogonia and spermatocytes of mouse testis, using tritiated thymidine.
Comparison of MTT colorimetric assay and tritiated thymidine uptake for lymphocyte proliferation assays using chicken splenocytes.