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In dermatoglyphics, the figure at the base of each finger in the palm, produced by rows of papillae running in three directions so as to form a triangle.
Synonym(s): Galton delta (2)


Dermatoglyphics A pattern of whorls seen on the palms of children with trisomy 13 and 21, a finding of itself without pathologic significance, which supports the diagnosis of these trisomies.


In classifying fingerprints, the point of convergence of dermal ridges coming from three directions.


Sir Francis, English explorer and anthropologist, 1822-1911.
Galton delta - a more or less well-marked triangle in a fingerprint; in dermatoglyphics, the figure at the base of each finger in the palm.Synonym(s): triradius
Galton law of regression - average parents tend to produce average offspring, but children of extreme parents inherit parental peculiarities to a lesser degree than they appear in the parentsSynonym(s): law of regression of mean
Galton system of classification of fingerprints - a system of classification based on the variations in the patterns of the ridges, which are grouped into arches, loops, and whorls.
Galton whistle - a cylindrical whistle attached to a compressible bulb used to test hearing.
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a-b ridge count: Triradius below the 2nd finger is marked.
A triradius is located at the meeting point of three opposing ridge systems.
The axial triradius which falls in the same alignment or on either side of the drawn line is named as central or deviated to ulnar or radial side.
In Down's syndrome cases, due to the distal placement of axial ('t') triradius, the 'atd' angle is significantly more.