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Transforming the Radiological Imaging Process. An initiative by the Society for Computer Applications in Radiology to improve efficiency and interpretation of large data sets, improve timeliness and effectiveness of communication, and decrease medical errors by increasing availability of patient data.
Turning Research Into Practice. A website primarily for general practitioners, which has useful links to evidence-based medicine.


Drug slang noun A popular term for a transient mind state evoked by hallucinogens–eg, by LSD. See Bad trip.


A slang term used to refer to hallucinations produced by various drugs, including LSD, mescaline, and some narcotics.

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Q. We went to a trip last week and I sprained my ankle. what can I do next time if it happens? Last week I went to a trip with my friends. I did a bad movement and landed very bad on my ankle. It was the end of the trip and my friends took me to the car, but I want to know what should I do next time if the car isn't so close?

A. Here you can hear about more complicated spain treatments than those you can get "in the field"
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One that comes readily to his mind and trippingly to his tongue is the recent launch of the Smart Price low-tier private label line, one that gives Asda's customers a good-better-best private label proposition.
114] The shrill claim of stock theft came trippingly off the tongues of white plaintiffs, many of whom could not have fed themselves or their families were it not for the ingenuity and oxen of their African tenants.
It had taken 51/2 hours of lung-busting trek, the first two hours straight up a mountain, followed by a further three hours hacking through virgin jungle where every foothold was trippingly uncertain and handhold sharply dubious.
Stupid slogans, which come trippingly to the tongue and are a pleasure to repeat, songs which exalt the "comrades" and ridicule the "enemy," .
Historiology" does not fall trippingly from the tongue (although its Spanish original may be natural).
More specifically, a voun is a recently coined noun that does not come trippingly off the tongue.
How trippingly the names of other duos come off the tongue: Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Gilbert and Sullivan, corned beef and cabbage.
Skidmore liberated trippingly rhythmic enunciations (I even heard an anticipation of Rachmaninov's amazing Symphonic Dances), and soothed cadences to cushion satisfying endings.
The same vision of the devaluation of language by dishonest practice, I suggest, pertains at large in Sense and Sensibility, which presents with wonderful vividness and variety the verbal abuses that come so trippingly to so many tongues.