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Transforming the Radiological Imaging Process. An initiative by the Society for Computer Applications in Radiology to improve efficiency and interpretation of large data sets, improve timeliness and effectiveness of communication, and decrease medical errors by increasing availability of patient data.
Turning Research Into Practice. A website primarily for general practitioners, which has useful links to evidence-based medicine.


Drug slang noun A popular term for a transient mind state evoked by hallucinogens–eg, by LSD. See Bad trip.


A slang term used to refer to hallucinations produced by various drugs, including LSD, mescaline, and some narcotics.

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Q. We went to a trip last week and I sprained my ankle. what can I do next time if it happens? Last week I went to a trip with my friends. I did a bad movement and landed very bad on my ankle. It was the end of the trip and my friends took me to the car, but I want to know what should I do next time if the car isn't so close?

A. Here you can hear about more complicated spain treatments than those you can get "in the field"
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We look forward to continuing our productive relationship with Travel Tripper.
Automated Best Rate Guarantee will ultimately help hotels to save money and earn more revenue-RezTrip clients will no longer have to spend extra on rate shopping tools to manage price parity, and the automated price match on the booking engine will drive more conversions," said Joan Lee, Director of Revenue Optimization at Travel Tripper.
1 -- 2) For eight successful seasons on the sitcom ``Three's Company,'' John Ritter portrayed girl-crazy bachelor Jack Tripper with co-stars Joyce DeWitt, left, and Suzanne Somers.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Travel Tripper, one of the industry's most innovative providers of hotel reservation solutions, today announced its certification as a Premium Partner with TripConnect(TM), a platform created by TripAdvisor that helps independent hotels drive more direct bookings by showcasing rates and availability directly on the hotel's TripAdvisor page.
Possibly they simply do not wish to have day trippers on their numerous bus services?
As the trippers were finishing their tea and sandwiches, veteran TV presenter Gloria Hunniford put her head round the door of the dining room and asked them if they wanted to meet Daniel.
Day Tripper service 951, between Holmfirth and Glossop, is already running.
THOUSANDS of day trippers flocked to the beaches on the South Coast yesterday as temperatures hit the 70s - the highest this year.
His ace-in-the-hole is a good cast, headed by sitcom vet John Ritter, who has evolved from ``Three's Company's'' resident womanizer Jack Tripper to Paul Hennessy, a protective father of three who knows every guy's every opportunistic move when it comes to young women.
Wildlife experts think it might have been washed up on the coast and taken back by a day tripper.
John Ritter, whose portrayal of the bumbling but loveable Jack Tripper helped make the US version of the TV sitcom Three's Company a smash hit in the 1970s, has died.
0 (Jack Tripper in ``Three's Company'') is exactly the sort of guy John Ritter Version 4.