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Transforming the Radiological Imaging Process. An initiative by the Society for Computer Applications in Radiology to improve efficiency and interpretation of large data sets, improve timeliness and effectiveness of communication, and decrease medical errors by increasing availability of patient data.
Turning Research Into Practice. A website primarily for general practitioners, which has useful links to evidence-based medicine.


Drug slang noun A popular term for a transient mind state evoked by hallucinogens–eg, by LSD. See Bad trip.


A slang term used to refer to hallucinations produced by various drugs, including LSD, mescaline, and some narcotics.

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Q. We went to a trip last week and I sprained my ankle. what can I do next time if it happens? Last week I went to a trip with my friends. I did a bad movement and landed very bad on my ankle. It was the end of the trip and my friends took me to the car, but I want to know what should I do next time if the car isn't so close?

A. Here you can hear about more complicated spain treatments than those you can get "in the field"
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Jos Schaap, StayNTouch's CEO and Founder, said,"We are happy to partner with Travel Tripper via its industry leading CRS and channel management solutions.
Day Tripper service 957 will be run by K Line from Holmfirth to Dewsbury and the Yorkshire Mill Mile and Motor Mus- eum, then to Bagshaw Museum and Wilton Park at Batley, Red House Museum at Gomersal, and Oakwell Hall and Country Park, Birstall.
should be like a star Bail" As part of running the modelling agency, Keeley was able to appoint a charity the Manchester branch of Little Models could support - and she chose Day Trippers.
Cllr Rennie said: "The shelter is a classic design and, with its counterpart on the other side of the road, is well known to residents and day trippers alike as being 'the start of the prom'.
The post Green Monday day trippers urged respect the environment appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The DENR official disclosed that unscrupulous mountaineers using social media like Facebook had again been luring urban nature trippers to climb the mystical Banahaw.
Coming tops in the VisitEngland poll shows it still pulls trippers.
In The Night Trippers Alice, Joe, and Angel return to continue the saga of their ongoing relationships with each other, their music and art, and their circle of friends.
If we get new trippers we need to look after them, because this could be the town's last chance.
The little people - dubbed Day Trippers and each measuring between 3cm and 4cm - were exhibits at the Extraordinary Measures exhibition at Belsay Hall in Northumberland.
Twelve people, including six foreign tourists, were killed when a coach full of day trippers hit a truck head-on along the west coast of Egypt's Sinai peninsula yesterday, a security official said.
With the party went the Mayor of Thornaby, Mr C Anderton and the mayoress Mrs J Bignall, both seen in this picture greeting some of the trippers before their departure.