triplet state

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trip·let state

a second excited state of a molecule (for example, chlorophyll) produced by absorption of light to produce the singlet state, then loss of some energy (fluorescence) to achieve the longer-lasting triplet state The molecule may remain sufficiently long in the triplet state for a second activating light quantum to be effective in producing a "second triplet" state, at a still-higher level of excitation, hence reactivity. Alternatively, the molecule may lose the triplet state energy directly and return to the ground state.
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Since orthohelium is trapped in the excited triplet state, it has an opportunity to once again react with hydrogen, as displayed in the lower portion of Fig.
The phosphorescence spectra of ketones with an n-[pi]* nature of the lowest triplet state are usually structured due to the vibrational progression of the C=0 vibration, and [pi]-[pi]* triplets are mostly unstructured.
The radiative and non radiative relaxation of the triplet state are represented by [k.
The presence of oxygen influences the outcome of a photochemical reaction, oxygen being a very good radical and triplet state quencher.
Photo-induced generation of the excited triplet state triggers an intramolecular rearrangement and elimination of the acyl group (Fig.
For example, benzophenone triplet state (donor) is known to transfer its energy to other molecules, and the newly formed triplet state of the molecule (acceptor) undergoes photophysical and photochemical processes.
Among relaxation processes, oxygen deactivation, in-cage reactions in the radical pair formed, back electron transfer reaction, side reactions occurring during the generation of the first monomeric radical, the quenching of the triplet state by the monomer can appear as a driving factor, due to its strong contribution when slowly reacting triplets are used.
According to Steglich, this question of singlet versus triplet state for the Cooper pairs is one of two that have "initiated a lively and, to some extent, controversial debate.
Vcrkman, Reversible Photobleaching of Fluorescein Conjugates in Air-saturated Viscous Solutions: Singlet and Triplet State Quenching by Tryptophan, Photochem.
By that I will be able modify the branching ratio for various processes in such molecules phosphorescence quantum yield or chemical reactions evolving through the triplet state.
The primarily Malaysian contributors investigate oxide powder phosphors prepared by microwave heating, photoluminescence processes in the triplet state of phosphorescent organic materials, the surface morphology of anatase titanium dioxide derived by sol-gel, and PEO-KOH films plasticized with ethylene sulphite.
In phosphorescent OLED devices, all excitons may be converted into triplet states through intersystem crossing around a heavy metal atom.