triple rhythm

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tri·ple rhyth·m

a triple cadence to the heart sounds at any heart rate, due to the easy audibility of a third (S3) (usually) or fourth (S4) heart sound, or at faster rates a summation sound due to coincidence of the third and fourth heart sounds ("S7" = S3 + S4).
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327-50; Lionel Pike, 'The Performance of Triple Rhythms in Peter Philips' Vocal Music', The Consort, xxviii (1972), 89-105.
My students and I enjoyed reading this collection; the short movements and hunting styles are easy to grasp, and the tunes are relatively easy to play--all open harmonics c-g" (b" in the Haydn) and simple duple and triple rhythms.
17) Yvor Winters describes it as a "variant on iambic pentameter," whereas Schneider considers it the progeny of the triple rhythms of the late nineteenth century.