triple phosphate

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tri·ple phos·phate

1. magnesium ammonium phosphate, MgNH4PO4;
2. a crude phosphate fertilizer produced from phosphate rock and phosphoric acid.
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triple phosphate

Calcium, ammonium, and magnesium phosphate.
See also: phosphate
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The nine structure identification questions had a total of 20 urine sediment structures to identify, consisting of 10 cells (4 questions containing red blood cells, 3 containing white blood cells, 1 containing renal tubular cells, 1 containing squamous epithelial cells, 1 containing transitional epithelial cells), 3 casts (1 hyaline, 1 waxy, 1 granular), 4 normal crystals (1 triple phosphate, 1 ammonium biurate, 1 urate, 1 calcium oxalate), 1 abnormal crystal (sulfonamide), and 2 organisms/ artifacts (1 bacteria, 1 yeast).
Thus, by toggling through the list of technologists taking the March 1997 exam, the supervisor could determine that leucine crystals were frequently confused with the sulfonamide crystals in question 7, that yeast and red blood cells were sometimes confused in question 5 (not shown), and that uric acid crystals and triple phosphate crystals were occasionally confused in question 1 (not shown).
While rock phosphorus is slower acting than processed phosphorus (e.g., triple phosphate), it is longer lasting.
Majority compositions of bladder stones include triple phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate and uric acid.

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