triple helix

tri·ple he·lix

the superhelix formed (right-handed) from three individual collagen helices (each being left-handed).
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The State Minister said that cooperation between academia, public and private sectors - the so-called triple helix model introduced to Pakistan by the Competitiveness Support Fund - was essential for growth in agricultural GDP.
COOLSWEEP comprises 5 established research driven triple helix clusters, one cluster under development and a specialist cluster analysis organisation.
The experiment was started three years ago by Newcastle University and One North East at the suggestion of the Triple Helix Research Group, a Science City think-tank located in the Newcastle University Business School.
The CM Network is to act as a meeting platform for partnering institutions from the academia, research and business sectors through the triple helix interactions.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Franklin's own LiveARTS Sunday Concert Series is pleased to announce their 2008-2009 season lineup and opening performance scheduled by award-winning Triple Helix, the Piano Trio, on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 3:30 p.
Other recent scientific publications include citations regarding: a new technology developed for specific cutting of very large pieces of DNA termed PARC (PNA assisted Rare Cleavage) (Nature January, 1996); simple and sensitive detection of mutations in the ras proto-oncogenes using PNA-mediated PCR clamping (Nucleic Acid Research March, 1996); CE-based screening for specific genetic mutations (Nature March, 1996); first crystal structure of a nucleic acid triple helix formed by a peptide nucleic acid-DNA complex (Science December, 1995).
Together, the collagenase sub-types are thought to work synergistically to break the bonds of the triple helix collagen structure.
Objective: "READi for Health aims to strengthen the research potential of four leading eHealth regions (Murcia, Skane, Oulu and Midi-Pyrenees) by supporting their triple helix clusters to become world-class players in domains related to the EU Digital Agenda for Healthcare.
This center here in Doha could be developed with the blessing of the two governments as well as contributions from universities from Sweden and here, and the participation of private companies from both countries" with the recognized Triple Helix model , she said to Qatar Tribune in a recent interview.
com)-- The mission of the Conference is to discuss the Triple Helix model of interaction between universities, industry and government, and its impact on economic development.
By taking advantage of specific DNA sequences that form pH-sensitive triple helix, the researchers designed a versatile nanosensor that can be programmed to fluoresce only at specific pH values.
Two theories of behavior underlay our investigation: self-determination theory (SDT) and the triple helix model.