triple burner

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triple warmer

Chinese medicine
An “organ system” which is viewed in the construct of traditional Chinese medicine as one of the twelve vital organs; the triple warmer regulates the flow of energy through the organs.

Triple warmer regions
Upper burner
Extends from the mouth to the gastroesophageal junction; it is responsible for intake of air, liquids and solids, and it harmonises heart and lung energies.
Middle burner
Extends from the gastroesophageal junction to the pylorus; it co-ordinates digestion and harmonises the energies of the stomach, spleen and pancreas.

Lower burner
Extends from the pylorus and ends at the anus; it is responsible for extracting nutrients from food and excreting liquids and solids; it harmonises the activity of the liver, kidney, bladder, large and small intestine, and reproductive organs.
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This "neuro-gastro-immune system" details a more comprehensive paradigm for understanding the mutual communication and coordination of biologic information processing, and this fits nicely into the Triple Burner model.
The Triple Burner also directs the integration, communication, and coordination of the five organ systems or networks of the body (Kidney, Liver, Heart, Spleen and Lung).
Whenever the balancing, homeodynamic process in the body (the conversation) is overtaxed, the Triple Burner will facilitate greater communication by up-regulating metabolism to raise the temperature of the inner terrain.
Consequently, one of the goals of treatment is to support the Triple Burner in order to restore equilibrium--the innate capacity to adequately regulate normal, adaptive, integrated responses to challenges.
Steve: I want to introduce the idea of the vagus nerve as the governor of the inflammatory process and a functional component of the Triple Burner. When we talk about nutrition, for example, it's not just what we eat, it's also where we eat, how we eat, and when we eat, that bring about a kind of natural, healthy vagal tone.