triple arthrodesis

tri·ple ar·throd·e·sis

surgical fusion of the talonavicular, talocalcaneal, and calcaneocuboid joints.
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On August 30, 2013, a right Achilles tendon lengthening and right triple arthrodesis surgery was performed.
Knowledge of variations in the morphology on articular facets of calcaneum is very important in triple arthrodesis procedure for flat foot deformities.
The book covers neurology, physical therapy, arthritis, biomechanics, bone tumors, dermatology, tendon and tendon transfers, first ray surgery, tailorAEs bunion, triple arthrodesis, arthroereisis, ankle arthroscopy, soft tissue masses, heel conditions, podiatric abbreviations, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
The company also expects the Cannulated Screw System, made out of stainless steel, to be used in various foot and ankle procedures, including triple arthrodesis, subtalar and ankle fusions.
(17) Children's with skeletal maturity require osteotomy of calcaneum and tarsal bones and triple arthrodesis required as salvage procedure.