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The triglyceride of palmitic acid occurring in palm oil.
Synonym(s): tripalmitin
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Glyceryl tripalmitate (tripalmitin) showed maximum drug solubilizing capacity of 120 [+ or -] 10 mg drug/gram of lipid while glyceryl palmitostearate and cetyl palmitate showed the next highest solubilizing capacity of 70 [+ or -] 10 mg drug/gram of lipid.
For the selection of surfactant, nanoparticles were prepared with six different surfactants using tripalmitin as lipid and were evaluated for particle size, PDI, and entrapment efficiency.
Partitioning behaviour of praziquantel (PZQ) was tested in three triglycerides with different chain lengths, trimyristin ([C.sub.14]), tripalmitin ([C.sub.16]), and tristearin ([C.sub.18]).
We prepared stock solutions of pure tripalmitin SRM 1595 in toluene at 12.38 mmol/L and prepared 100-mL portions of the working calibrator solutions from this solution.
Anthrone, bovine serum albumin, and tripalmitin were used as standards for quantifying glycogen, proteins, and lipids respectively.
Calibrations were performed for each compound class, using L-[alpha]-phosphatidlycholine (phospholipid), cholesterol, tripalmitin (triacylglycerol), lauric acid myristyl ester (wax ester), and stearyl alcohol (fatty alcohol internal standard).
The total lipid concentration of the eggs was determined by the sulfuric acid-charring technique of Marsh & Weinstein (1966) using tripalmitin as the standard after extracting lipids according to the methods of Bligh and Dyer (1959).
Four triplicate groups of juvenile abalone (initial weight: 0.13 [+ or -] 0.04 g; initial shell length: 10.23 [+ or -] 1.48 mm) were led with one of four semipurified diets containing 3.5% of dietary lipid from either tripalmitin (TP), soybean oil (SO), linseed oil (LO), or 20:5n-3-enriched fish oil (FO), respectively, and were reared for 120 days in a recirculation water system.
(1957) and colorimetric determination with phosphovanillin, using tripalmitin as the standard (Postma & Stroes 1968).