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Bright and unusual stand design, innovative technology LESP, unique VSD, AR-application it contributes to the fact, that brand of Triol Corporation was remembered by every visitor of SPE Workshop 2017.
Table 11 shows the results of the best diol, triol, low molecular weight polyol and amine triol additives.
y otros diez autores; Triol protection with 6-benzoyl-3,4-dihydro-(2H)-pyran, Chem.
High-density foams with low firmness (LF) and high firmness (HF) prepared with a conventional 5500 MW polyether triol, a first generation BiOH, and the new BiOH X-0001 all passed fogging, staining, and flammability requirements.
De acuerdo con el analisis cromatografico, la especie contiene Tenuiorina, Metil giroforato, hopane-6[alpha], 7[beta], 22 triol, calycine, Acido Pulvinico, Dilactone Pulvinico, trazas de acido norstictico y stictico.
Clear microemulsions can allegedly be formed spontaneously by combining water; a volatile siloxane, a long chain or high molecular weight silicone poly ether (such as DC 5329 as a high molecular weight silicone polyether and DC 5211 as a low molecular weight polyether from Dow Corning) and, optionally a cosurfactant such as a monohydroxy alcohol, organic diol, organic triol, organic tetraol, silicone diol, silicone triol, silicone tetraol and a nonionic organic surfactant.
Correlation between Phenylphenalenone Phytoalexins and Phytopathological Properties in Musa and the Role of a Dihydrophenylphenalene Triol.
00 experimental polyol is a triol, or three-functional product, designed for blending with other polyols and targeted to rigid foam applications.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1,2,6 - Hexane Triol - As Per Spcn No.
It was found that peak a, d, e, f and g were diol saponins, and peak b was triol saponins.
The solid was washed with absolute EtOH and dried in vacuo to give 90% of the hygroscopic triol (Adm), as a white solid with mp = 160[degrees]C.