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Any method used to ‘correct’ experimental data, by eliminating high and low values or data points which are most in excess of the mean in an experimental ‘run’; trimming is a form of scientific misrepresentation
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will be trimming trees near power lines in the Searcy area through November.
The products subject to recall include:_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 85 TRIMMINGS, 30216085.
The cost of buying a bargain Christmas feast in towns across Wales is revealed today - with turkey and all the trimmings costing less than pounds 4.
Trimming hair in space usually requires two people, one person to cut the hair with scissors and another to chase the hair trimmings with a vacuum as they float away, unfettered by gravity.
The company's East Chicago facility is now accepting shipments of galvanized scrap trimmings from regional stamping plants and removing the galvanized zinc coating to produce a foundry-quality grade of steel scrap.
McDonald's reported difficulty in finding adequate overseas supplies of beef trimmings for making its hamburgers combined with a more-than-ample supply of trimmings may provide a beneficial opportunity for both sides of this equation.
The NPS added that it would need to oversee any Air Force contractor's trimming work, probably an allusion to a 1991 memo that the Post says called previous Air Force tree trimmings "nothing short of butchery.
In a demonstration project funded by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, the city of San Jose is teaming up with area farmers to help develop markets for the 100,000-plus tons of yard trimmings collected by the city each year.
Brown's specialty is "earthy organics"; her arrangements often incorporate fallen branches, bark and plant trimmings she collects.
This new machine features a full enclosure to trap noise and dust, as well as an integrated scrap-retrieval provision to blow trimmings back into the molding machine's hopper.
Next time you're at the fabric store, treat yourself or your children to bits of ribbon, lace, and other trimmings.