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A device or instrument used to shape something by cutting off the material along its margin.

gingival margin trimmer

A cutting instrument for shaping gingival contours. It has a curved and angled shaft for use either on the right or left sides and on the mesial or distal surfaces.

model trimmer

A rotary flat grinder used to trim dental plaster or stone casts. Water keeps the cutting surface clean and obviates any dust problem as the casts are squared into proper study models.


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Technavio's report, Global Tree Trimmer Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
Some string trimmers offer a pivoting head that can be turned and locked sideways and used as an edger, but the results are not often as neat and uniform as with a proper edger.
Champagne, France-based Collard makes the Profilmatic series of vine trimmers with a lightweight aluminum alloy extrusion that "provides a rugged, rust-proof framework for the cutting blades.
Many of the trimmers are like multi-tools, offering the ability to use one device to achieve many goals.
You should return to the garden centre to speak to the manager and explain that the strimmer and hedge trimmer don't work together, despite what the packaging says, and that you had also made it clear at the time of purchase that you wanted them to be compatible.
That's why we introduced the Beard & Stubble Trimmer as a solution to easily take care of business.
Among the best-selling grooming categories are "close-cutting clippers and trimmers that allow the personalization of hair designs, as well as those that provide the shaved-head look and the man-scaping of the beard and mustache area," Formico said.
Primary business: BEAUTY CARE Clippers, trimmers, shavers, styling products and massagers
Black & Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer This string trimmer and edger is cordless so you can roam free.
uk) THIS small cordless hedge trimmer does a passable job.
The trimmer has an adjustable length comb for quick, accurate trimming and is waterproof.