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A device or instrument used to shape something by cutting off the material along its margin.

gingival margin trimmer

A cutting instrument for shaping gingival contours. It has a curved and angled shaft for use either on the right or left sides and on the mesial or distal surfaces.

model trimmer

A rotary flat grinder used to trim dental plaster or stone casts. Water keeps the cutting surface clean and obviates any dust problem as the casts are squared into proper study models.


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Garden tools or equipment such as tree trimmers are used to maintain a healthy lawn and garden.
The new trimmer has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $34.
When choosing the right string trimmer, one of the first things to consider is whether your trimmer ought to have a straight shaft or curved shaft.
Clemens, a German manufacturer, offers a blade trimmer set in a light and durable aluminum frame that also features vibration-free blade bearings.
Panasonic offers a wet/dry facial hair trimmer and a vacuum ear, nose and facial hair trimmer which sucks up the little bits while you are cutting.
And with success: Around 80 per cent of men who tried the Philips Beard Trimmer 9000 at home said it gives them the ultimate control and precision to create exactly the look they want.
You should return to the garden centre to speak to the manager and explain that the strimmer and hedge trimmer don't work together, despite what the packaging says, and that you had also made it clear at the time of purchase that you wanted them to be compatible.
One recent introduction by Wahl, the LI ION 3 In 1, is a combined shaver and trimmer with a number of attachments for shaving and grooming.
Convert your Hedgetrimmer to a Telescopic Chainsaw Lopper - or add a heavy duty chainsaw, grass trimmer or leaf blower to your lithium powered set
Convert your Trimmer to a Telescopic Chainsaw Lopper or Grass Trimmer
Wahl's product line includes hair clippers, facial hair trimmers and body groomers, facial hair shavers, pet grooming products (clippers, trimmers, maintenance accessories and a new line of wet products), and personal therapeutic massagers.
AND converts to a Telescopic Chainsaw or Grass Trimmer IN SECONDS