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A device or instrument used to shape something by cutting off the material along its margin.

gingival margin trimmer

A cutting instrument for shaping gingival contours. It has a curved and angled shaft for use either on the right or left sides and on the mesial or distal surfaces.

model trimmer

A rotary flat grinder used to trim dental plaster or stone casts. Water keeps the cutting surface clean and obviates any dust problem as the casts are squared into proper study models.


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Nose & Ear Trimmer Production by Regions By Technology By Applications
Con Air offers a nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer that also becomes a neckline, bikini line and sideburns trimmer.
The development of a clear, sharp and thin line required a lot of state-of-the-art equipment, as well as strong expertise in geometrics, optics and precision engineering, but I am proud to say that our experts have successfully managed to create a beard trimmer like no other in the world.
In the 12 months ending in June, NPD said, dollar sales of men's electric shavers and men's trimmers increased 9 percent and 12 percent, respectively.
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Work in conjunction with the mainsail trimmer to ensure the right groove and make sure there is enough entry in the jib to make it easy for the helmsman to steer," says Pratt.
The Sabre Cut is basically a hedge trimmer on a telescopic handle that extends so you can reach up to 3.
The kit includes the Porta-Shave for a clean and convenient shave and a nose and ear hair trimmer that comes with a stand for convenient placement and storage.
Edmund Trimmer, aged 78, struck his head on the pavement after Eugene Warwood felled him with a powerful punch which smashed his jaw in the unprovoked attack.
Eugene Warwood shattered the jaw of 78-year-old Edmund Trimmer, who was knocked out by the ferocity of the blow, Birmingham Crown Court was told.
It includes a 22" Hedge Trimmer (for bushes and shrubs), 12" String Trimmer (for lawns), and Hard Surface Sweeper (for all messes).