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A compound, complex, or structure made up of three components.
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Another trimer model with larger number of variables, L = 12 to predict HRC was derived in Eq.
Maksim Kunitsky at Goethe University in Frankfurt announced the discovery of the Efimov state in the helium trimer, considered the prime example of this quantum mechanical effect.
Higher temperatures were not an option because at 160[degrees]C dimers and trimers were clearly degrading, coking the bottom of the still.
Dimers and trimers are formed, although to a lesser extent than for the Co-EH catalyzed reaction.
2001) reported that some styrene dimers and trimers were estrogenic without metabolic activation in a cell proliferation assay with estrogen-responsive MCF-7 cells.
The network's steering committee also reported Friday that styrene trimer was found to have dissolved in an ordinary noodle container after edible oil heated to high temperatures was poured into it.
These trimers also may be capable of expanding the range of trimers generated from additional HIV strains within each subtype," he added.
2000); mass spectra of these compounds reveal molecular masses of 576 Da for dimer, 864 Da for trimer, and 1152 Da for tetramer (Anderson et al.
The high molecular weight peak was thought to be a trimer of proBNP (12).
And if that is the case, might they also measure the trimers and tetramers of proBNP as well as some NT-proBNP fragments?
The main by-products during thermal initiation are cis-and trans-1,2-diphenylcyclobutane (DCB) and cyclic trimers (CT).
a privately held company pioneering the development of disease modifying therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease (AD) and related neurodegenerative disorders, announced today the publication of a collaborative study in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Cell Biology that found tau oligomer trimers were specifically toxic to neuronal cultures.