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A compound, complex, or structure made up of three components.
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Trimeric and tetrameric structures were found in the reaction mixtures of 2,5-dimethylresorcinol and 5-methylresorcinol.
8I-7 is directed against a region of cTnI not involved in the interaction with cTnT and cTnC (1), able to immunocapture cTnI, dimeric (I-T and I-C), and/or the trimeric I-T-C cTn complex from serum (13, 25).
They did not differentiate between the cortex and central portion of the nodules, and their identification of delphinidin as a flavolan is incorrect, possibly confused with dimetic or trimeric proanthocyanidins that would migrate in the solvents they used.
Atrimers are trimeric proteins derived from a naturally secreted human protein of approximately 60 KD, structurally distinct from and designed to surpass existing antibodies and other biological therapies to serve unmet medical needs in virtually any therapeutic area.
Activity of monomeric, dimeric, and trimeric favonoids on NO production, TNF-[alpha] secretion, and NF-[kappa]B-dependent gene expression in RAW 264.
While monomeric tau did not cause neurotoxicity, trimeric tau, which accumulates in AD, exerted marked toxicity towards neurons even at very low concentrations.
Monomeric (classical) and novel trimeric autotransporter adhesins are present (MAA and TAA, respectively).
Grape pomace (GP), which is the residue that remains after juice extraction by pressing grapes in the wine industry, is rich in various flavonoids including monomeric phenolic compounds such as (+)-catechins, (-)-epicatechin and dimeric, trimeric (-)-epicatechin-3-O-gallate (SayagoAyerdi et al.
CTA1, upon entry into the cytosol, catalyzes the ADP-ribosylation of the trimeric Gs[alpha] component of AC (Fig.
In contrast to serum P1CP, which is a single protein, P1NP circulates as different forms, including the intact authentic trimeric P1NP, a monomer, and several fragments (11, 12).
The cyclic trimeric analogue can be used as an oligomeric flame retardant additive for polystyrene.
Our novel Atrimer[TM] drug candidates are engineered from a fully human serum protein that is naturally secreted as a trimeric structure of approximately 60 kilodaltons.