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A compound, complex, or structure made up of three components.
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Measuring of CBZ and EPX in the Trimeric pHLA Complex and after Separation of Low- and High-Affinity Peptides.
R55H, G84R, and G90S variations did not disturb adiponectin trimeric and hexameric formations but obstructed their multimerization.
A recursive criteria for minimum repeat number and motif length was set for 5 monomeric 5 dimeric 3 trimeric 3 tetrameric 2 pentameric and 2 hexameric nucleotide repeat.
The intermolecularly crosslinked Hb consisted of 74.7% of dimeric Hb with weight-average molecular weights (Mw) of 146 kDa, 18.9% of trimeric Hb with Mw of 228 kDa, and 6.4% of oligomer with four to six Hb units, Mw of 375 kDa (Xiuling et al., 2006).
Dimeric and trimeric ionic systems are formed with the metals being connected by hydroxo or oxo bridges and coordinatively saturated by water ligands [9].
Hemagglutinin was inserted at the interface of adjacent subunits so that it spontaneously assembles and generates eight trimeric viral spikes on its surface.
1) and additionally a trimeric diquinone, which was not detected in a 5-methylresorcinol autoxidation mixture.
Trimeric, pentameric, and hexameric procyanidins have been identified from the plant.
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The recently described positive outcome of a clinical trial with T-lymphocyte-based immunotherapy in prostate cancer has stimulated interest in the characterization of the APM component expression in prostate cancer lesions, since this "machinery" plays a crucial role in the generation and expression of the trimeric HLA class I surface antigen complex on tumor cells.