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A compound, complex, or structure made up of three components.
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The mechanism of thermal degradation of poly[bis(phenoxy)phosphazene] involves depolymerization to the cyclic trimer, followed by crosslinking of these trimers through condensation of the aromatic substituents.
Our approach to developing a reaction kinetics model has been to utilize the kinetic scheme presented by Vespoli and Alberino, which assumes that there are two primary simultaneous reactions occurring that produce polyurethane and isocyanate trimer.
The HREIMS showed the molecular mass to be m/z 576 which confirmed that 1 could be a cyclic trimer of dioxyethylene ester of benzene-1,4-dicarboxylic acid.
In case of N-3390 is a HD1 trimer containing heterocyclic isocyanurate ring; whereas MDI is an aromatic diisocyanate which contributed to the higher Tg values of the films cured with it.
FRANKFURT (CyHAN)- Physicists in Frankfurt have found the long sought-after Efimov state in the helium trimer, an effect first predicted by Russian theoretician Vitaly Efimov in 1970.
The report, "NTP Technical Report on the Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Study of Styrene-Acrylonitrile Trimer in F344N Rats," was specific in saying that SAN Trimer did not cause cancer in the test rats but it stopped short of saying it caused the abnormalities affecting the nervous system of the rats, the urinary bladders of female rats and the bone marrow of male rats.
Plus it was sensitive enough to produce tweet signals for several insults as desired, to match the signal to the capacity of the diaper so the trimer could be reset for a second insult if needed.
Borylated BODIPY 50 was employed for the efficient construction of linear BODIPY dimer and trimer 58, which exhibit strong absorption and emission in near IR region (Scheme 26).