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Any method used to ‘correct’ experimental data, by eliminating high and low values or data points which are most in excess of the mean in an experimental ‘run’; trimming is a form of scientific misrepresentation
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The first FlexCarbon product released by Carbon Trim Solutions is their all-new Carbon Trim Cardholder.
Basically, Active Trim controls trim according to boat speed (computed by an internal GPS) and engine RPM, the way a skilled captain should.
The system's AccuFind laser sensor locates the part in space, detects any part variation and automatically adjusts the robot programme to trim features accurately.
Z Trim multifunctional fiber does not have to be modified to provide the same textural benefits of starch.
In the present study beak trimming resulted in a 34% reduction in beak length with no difference in beak length between the three trimmed methods, which would be considered a light trim compared to the more usual industry practice of removing about 50% of the beak.
The increased stroke coupled with precise linear-guide platens eliminates the need for an intermediate trim press to pre-punch.
Q Trim, based in Heming Road, Washford, Redditch, specialises in the design, development and specialist manufacture of soft trim for cars, aeroplanes and yachts, and in seat development and manufacture.
Mr Cleaver is managing director of Q Trim, based in Redditch, and is reaping the rewards from the success of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class Suite.
For example, elaborate ornamental trim around Victorian windows originated as a functional necessity.
The first, which Trim tackles bravely in an extended introductory essay, has to do with the definition of the topic itself.
The mill's one paperboard machine accepted trim and the accompanying motive air from two sources--the winder and a web welder.