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Any method used to ‘correct’ experimental data, by eliminating high and low values or data points which are most in excess of the mean in an experimental ‘run’; trimming is a form of scientific misrepresentation
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Z Trim, a natural, functional food ingredient and emulsifier, is made from the hulls of either corn or oat.
While Z Trim has a lot to offer, convenience and affordability are not among the benefits.
In conclusion, neither pecking force analysis or previously used self-administration of analgesic technique provided any evidence of pain at 11 weeks of age in laying pullets receiving a light beak trim at 1 day of age by a hot-blade or infra red method.
The business previously shared premises in Heming Road with its sister company which handles the design aspects of their projects, but now joint agents John Trus-love and Harris Lamb have let the 5,809 sq ft factory and warehouse at 89 Heming Road to Q Trim for three years at pounds 28,250.
We need to know how the tool is gated and how to control the flow of the material selected to avoid flow marks and control the gloss of the part," Margaret Hackstedde, director of product design for color and trim at Chrysler, explains.
* Step 4: Once the trim is added, and while still highlighted on the plan, choose Change, Lock Selection.
Mackewn's ability to do custom work, particularly antique wood trim, has also kept his business rolling.
You can go into each cell and eliminate them or recruit the TRIM function with this formula, where the original text is in A2:
The automated TrimPac trim removal system from Precision AirConvey Corp., Newark, DE, cuts and evacuates trim and waste at speeds made possible by the latest slitting technology.
EX-JAGUAR trim manager Colin Cleaver is looking for skilled staff to double his workforce as he expands his booming business.
For example, elaborate ornamental trim around Victorian windows originated as a functional necessity.
After leveling off at FL240, the pilot felt a loss of elevator and rudder trim, and the copilot saw a popped elevator and rudder trim circuit breaker.