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Denoting a chemical compound containing three replaceable hydrogen atoms.
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3) Why wee some dihydric and trihydric acids weaker than some monohydric acids ([H.
ions at equilibrium and the 'surprising' weakness of trihydric acids due to the fact that it became increasingly less energetically favourable for a negative ion such as [H.
Table 4-principal compounds used in manufacture of esters Organic acids Monobasic acids Dibasic acids Tribasic acids Oleic Phthalic anhydride Trimellitic anhydride Stearic Adipic acid Citric acid Benzoic Sebacic acid Pelargonic Azelaic acid Glutaric acid Organic alcohols Monohydric Dihydric Trihydric 2-Ethylhexanol Propylene glycol Glycerol Isodecanol 1,3 butandiol Trimethylolpropane 6-10 linear alcohols 1,4 butandiol Benzyl alcohol Isononyl alcohol