trigger delay

trig·ger de·lay

(trig'ĕr dĕ-lā')
Waiting period after each radio wave; the time between the radio wave and the beginning of data acquisition in magnetic resonance imaging.
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The inspiratory trigger and expiratory trigger delay tend to increase with the increasing depth of sedation; however, this did not achieve statistical significance ( P > 0.05) [Table 3].{Figure 2}
First, if the lender increased the annual percentage rate by more than 12.5 basis points on a fixed rate loan or 25 basis points on an adjustable rate loan (decreases in APR do not trigger delay); second, if the lender adds a prepayment penalty; or, third, if the lender changes the loan from a fixed rate loan to an adjustable loan.
This relation is especially important for determining the correct trigger delay in point-in-pulse measurements vs.
Multichannel capabilities deliver an ultra-low trigger delay of 14 nsec and a gate jitter of +/-1.
Trigger delay is less critical at a feeding station where animals are stationary than on a trail where animals are walking by at a 90-degree angle.
THE 4288A CAPACITANCE METER IN BRIEF Test frequencies 1 kHz and 1 MHz Test signal levels 0.1 to 1 V RMS in 0.1 V steps Measurement range 1 kHz 0.0001 pF to 20.000 [micro]F 1 MHz 0.00001 pF to 1.50000 nF Basic accuracy 1 kHz 0.07% capacitance, 0.0005 dissipation (long mode) 1 MHz 0.07% capacitance, 0.0005 dissipation (long mode) Measurement time short mode (ms) 6.5 [+ or -] 0.5 long mode (ms) 16.5 [+ or -] 1 Trigger delay range (ms) 0 to 1000 in 1 ms steps Size (mm) 320 x 100 x 300 Weight (kg) 3
For example, a trigger delay can be specified as an amount of time, mimicking the older analog system, or as a number of events.
Both versions include a software interface that enables user-specified area of interest, gain, exposure time, frame rate, trigger delay and digital-output (flash) delay and duration.
So now, even if the test engineer has properly calibrated all 32 DACs, all frequencies, trace paths, and switching paths he will have to contend with trigger start and trigger delay issues, which will misalign the data and give erroneous results.
Multiple run modes include trigger, retrigger, and trigger delay. Modulation capabilities are AM, FM, arbitrary FM, FSK, PSK, frequency hop, and sweep.