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(trī-fûr′kĭt, -kāt′, trī′fər-kāt′) also


Having three forks or branches: trifurcate antennae.

tri′fur·ca′tion n.
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In one heart, SA nodal artery took origin from Left coronary artery where the artery trifurcated into Circumflex, Left anterior descending and SA nodal.
As a result, this Note's proposed rule rejects Connick's bifurcated filtering process and replaces it with trifurcated sorting.
In order to assess the impact of type of salt used by respondents on their UI level, they were trifurcated as depicted in Table 3: Group I comprised the respondents us- ing iodized salt, Group II; in- cluded the respondents using
Others propose a trifurcated approach, in which strategic reviews would
Plato made this point well when he trifurcated the soul into its appetitive, passionate, and rational parts.
The single cadre of Inspector has been trifurcated into 3 sub-categories, i.
Hyderabad was trifurcated on linguistic basis, with the three parts merged with Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.
Similar abrupt morphogenetic and anatomical changes between foliage, simple leaves, and trifurcated and spiny leaves co-occurring in the same plant are rare; for instance, they have been reported to occur in Hakea trifurcata R.
Hamid's own biography reflects these trifurcated notions of origin and questions the ease with which the native, the immigrant, or the cosmopolitan is defined.
In Time, Narrative, and History, Carr rejects the distinction between "real time" and "narrative time," offering a trifurcated model of selfhood.
47) Rather than the product of a world-wide effort to unify the world's Muslims in an organization, Sheikh regards the OIC as a child of the Arab cold war, which had trifurcated the regional system of the Middle East and North Africa into three competing camps--a regional scenario that only added complexity to the global picture of the bipolar Cold War during which the Muslim world found itself divided into three categories: pro-US, pro-Soviet, and non-aligned.
In other words, the bifurcated death-is-different approach is not being collapsed by Graham, but trifurcated.