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(trī-fûr′kĭt, -kāt′, trī′fər-kāt′) also


Having three forks or branches: trifurcate antennae.

tri′fur·ca′tion n.
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The architecture implementation has been based on the waveforms obtained from a trifurcated optic sensor.
Caption: Figure 2: CT angiography and coronary angiography showing a long and trifurcated left main coronary artery with a prepulmonic course.
In this case the LCA trifurcated into Left Anterior Descending (LAD), LCx and SANA.
In order to determine the impact of var- ious food items consumed by the respon- dents on their urinary iodine level, the res- pondents were trifurcated according to the food frequency as illustrated in Table 1: Group I; in- cluded those respondents having never consu- med the food items mentioned in Table 1.
It was only his return to England and the social condition of the 1930s that Leach could begin in a practical way to cultivate the transformation of the trifurcated foundation of his work; English traditional slipware, the inspiration of the pottery of Korea and the Sung dynasty and the guidance of the Japanese philosophy of beauty as the foundation of the studio pottery movement.
The ILNs have been terminally trifurcated (divided by 3 branches) along their cervical courses in 4 (4%) patients unilaterally, 2 trifurcations at right or left sides each.
Hyderabad was trifurcated on linguistic basis, with the three parts merged with Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.
This paper explores the continuity and discontinuity debate in the study of philosophy and literature, analyzing David Carr's Time, Narrative, and History and Paul Ricocur's Oneself as Another, along with "The Question of the Subject." In Time, Narrative, and History, Carr rejects the distinction between "real time" and "narrative time," offering a trifurcated model of selfhood.
Thompson said it was unfair for Westboro to continue to be trifurcated because "Westboro is a community of significance."
There are furcated gill rakers (bi or trifurcated), resembling small hooks, that were recorded as subdivisions of the main raker in some individuals (Fig.
MARTINS DOS SANTOS CLASSIFICATION OF PALATAL RUGAE (Table 1) Anterior Other Rugae Type Position Positions Point P 0 Line L 1 Curve C 2 Angle A 3 Circle C 4 Sinuous S 5 Bifurcated B 6 Trifurcated T 7 Interrupt I 8 Anomoly An 9 TABLE 2: PALATAL RUGAE PATTERNS AMONG 10 MALES & FEMALES WHO HAD UNDERGONE ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT Male Female SL.
A1/2And we are not going to have the time to do that in the bifurcated way or trifurcated way that we're dealing with it here, with other issues being parachuted in all the time.e While Kyl did not predict whether the treaty would be rejected or ratified, he said gaining 67 votes would depend upon whether senators would be able to consider the amendments Republicans wanted to offer.