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(trī-fûr′kĭt, -kāt′, trī′fər-kāt′) also


Having three forks or branches: trifurcate antennae.

tri′fur·ca′tion n.
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Based on Hoffman's (2008) diagnosis of the Spirostreptini, Namibostreptus is a member of the tribe; the prebasilar plate, telopodite structure and the trifurcate apex resemble those of other member genera.
carbine and is differentiated from it by the trifurcate head of apophysis of the right paramere, the more distally splayed DES, and the less-beaded first antennal segment.
S8 moderately developed, somewhat trifurcate distally (Fig.
Maxillary outer lobe trifurcate with 4 stout sublobal hairs and 1 basal seta.
The Allahabad High Court in its order had decided to trifurcate the disputed site and give chabootara and Sita Rasoi near Lord Ram's temple to Nirmohi Akhara.
There should never have been three municipal corporations in the Capital, but the Delhi government stubbornly decided to trifurcate it," Yogender Chandolia said.
He also promised to trifurcate the Food Corporation of India ( FCI) into three bodies, responsible for purchase, storage and transporting the agricultural produce.
flexor hallucis longus, it broadens and trifurcates, sending branches to insert on the ventroproximal surface of the ungual phalanges of the second, third, and fourth digits.
is that the social theme, the reality of slavery and the necessity of abolishing it trifurcates on the personal level to become subthemes of literacy, identity, and freedom, which, though not obviously and at first sight related matters, nevertheless lead into one another in such a way that they end up being altogether interdependent and virtually indistinguishable as thematic strands.
It does not appear possible that this hypothetical path extends in a roughly northward direction from the Carter Ranch and trifurcates, turning toward these three lake sites.