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O herbicida trifluralin forma um complexo herbicida-tubulina que inibe a polimerizacao dos microtubulos, levando a desconfiguracao fisica e perda de funcao.
After planting, soil-active herbicides like pronamide (used in artichokes and head lettuce) and S-metolachlor and trifluralin (used in tomatoes and peppers) are applied to provide preemergence control of weeds.
09 kg/ha of the preemergent herbicide trifluralin (Treflan[TM] 4EC, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, Indiana) was applied at planting, and plants were irrigated as needed by drip irrigation.
Trifluralin is the only herbicide that was registered at MALFS for this purpose (RODRIGUES; ALMEIDA, 1995; SOFIATTI et al.
There are several disadvantages of using the chemical herbicides, such as the environmental hazards and the development of resistance against many herbicides, like atrazine 2, 4-D, metribuzin, paraquat (Gramoxone), trifluralin, diphenamid, and glyphosate [29-31].
In addition, Australia and New Zealand report that further information to certain pesticides may be obtained on protocols developed by Canada, which used data mainly from animal toxicology studies and provide a table containing the maximum values allowed in this country to the animals drinking water for aldicarb, bromoxynil, carbofuran, cyanazine, chlorothalonil, dicamba, diclofop-methyl, dimethoate, dinoseb, glyphosate, simazine, tebuthiuron, triallate and trifluralin (ANZECC, 2000).
The influence of alachlor, trifluralin, and diazinon on the development of endogenous mycorrhizae in soybeans.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of commonly used pesticides such as Pendimethaline, Trifluralin, Glyphosphate, 2, 4-D, and MCPA (Chwastox) on microbial activities in soil.
Weed control included a preplant incorporation of Trifluralin, supplemented with hand weeding.
Mitotic disrupter herbicides like trifluralin are good lead compounds for antiparasitic drugs because these have already been shown to lack activity against mammalian cells and are inexpensive to produce.
Herbicides which were not detected during any sampling event included hexachlorocycolpentadiene, propachlor, desethylatrazine, trifluralin, desisopropylatrazine, hexachlorobenzene, clomazone, pentachlorophenol, lindane, terbufos, heptachlor, chlorpyrifos, cyanazine, aldrin, pendimethalin, heptachlor epoxide, oxychlordane, gamma-Chlordane, alpha-chlordane, trans -Nonachlor, dieldrin, endrin, cis-Nonachlor, p,p'-DDT, bis (2-ethylhexyl) adipate, methoxychlor, bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, and benzo[-a]pyrene.
Among Dual, Fortex, Combine, Fusilade, MSMA and Trifluralin herbicides, it was observed that Escherichia coli has similar sensitivity to all these products.