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Former abbreviation for tryptophan.

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Q. has anyone here tried crossfit? its a way of cross training that is supposed to work your wholebody. I am interested in trying it but want some feedback from my friends here first.

A. cool, I am planning on a class this Friday.

Q. Please give any idea to try? I always tend to eat a lot, I am food lover & my mom cooks very good and I can’t stop overeating….I am obese yet I cannot…….I have tried thrice on a good diet plan and fitness program, which I failed to carry on……………please give any idea to try?

A. My dear …the problem is that you don’t eat to live but you live to eat. There must be a strategy that you first eat when you are hungry and this needs mental exercise not a physical and no diet plan even. This craving must be reduced. You can leave your house for some time and join some yoga village and have the diet they give and exercise under the trainer. You don’t need any diet plan you need diet management with physical training and to start on that you need mental motivation.

Q. Has anyone tried the cabbage diet? I'm interested in knowing if this is a good diet.

A. Personally I have tried it and first of all- 1. You cannot eat cabbage longer than a week, it's impossible 2. It is a very bad diet because it does not contain all the major food products one should eat every day, and allows fast yet dangerous weight loss 3. You end up putting back all the weight you lost once you stop, because you start eating like you used to, and you did not use lifestyle changes that will stick with you for the long term.

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It was significant that all seven tries came from backs though it was the Bedwas scrum that took Neath apart and the Welsh All-Blacks lost both prop Owen Jordan and wing Jamie Davies to yellow cards.
A further try sealed a bonus point, but Hinckley wouldn't crumble and fought back, tries from Joe Glover and a late penalty try reducing the margin of defeat.
Early on a powerful West scored twice, but Acklam promptly scored four tries with one converted.
The hosts ran in six tries (including a hat-trick for Tom Silver), in a game delayed for half an hour due to a bad injury to a Mountain Ash player.
Harry Broadbent scored the first of his two tries on 13 minutes after some excellent interplay with Liam Devaney.
However, Fairwater led 15-6 with tries by hooker Jack Leigh and flanker Sean Mansfield, a Mike Foley penalty and an Alex Theaker conversion against two Ryan Jones penalties.
The home side racked up seven tries in their big win to keep them hot on the heels of National League Three leaders Caldy.
The Crusaders ran in seven tries in the first half to open a 38-4 lead and the visitors were too quick and strong for a Gateshead side playing its third game in eight days.
So if you skate for three hours it's probably like 30 tries.
Solomona bounced back to form with two tries (try minutes made-up at 82) last week at Castleford after two blank weeks.
Christina tries out a Bloch Asteroid top, Capezio shorts and top, and a Leo's skirt, opposite.
CELTIC League champions Leinster wrapped up the Guinness interpro title when they ran in six tries to defeat Connacht at the Sportsground.