tricuspid incompetence

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1. inability to function properly.
2. the legal status of a person determined by the court to be unable to manage his own affairs.
aortic incompetence aortic insufficiency.
mitral incompetence mitral insufficiency.
pulmonary incompetence pulmonary insufficiency.
tricuspid incompetence tricuspid insufficiency.
valvular incompetence valvular insufficiency.

tri·cus·pid in·com·pe·tence

defective closure of the tricuspid valve permitting regurgitation into the right atrium during systole.

tricuspid incompetence

Leakiness of the TRICUSPID VALVE of the heart, usually as a result of stretching from a rise of pressure in the blood passing through the lungs (pulmonary hypertension). Tricuspid incompetence causes a rise in the pressure in the veins with fluid retention (oedema) and an enlarged liver. Surgery may be necessary.