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Sequential 5 [micro]m lung sections were placed on slides and stained with routine H&E and Masson's trichrome, respectively, for morphological analysis and locating collagen expression by using the standard protocols.
2) and pericellular fibrosis demonstrated by Masson's trichrome stain (Fig.
Masson Trichrome (MT) and hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) revealed that both equivalents are tri-layered with multiple layers of urothelial cells, well fused stroma and smooth muscle layer.
The staining currently automated are: Massons~s trichrome (or Gomori~s trichrome), Grocott~s Methenamine Silver (or Gomori~s Methenamine Silver), Giemsa, Gordon and Sweet (or Gomori and Snook), Congo Red, Jones Methenamine Silver (with H&E contrast colour), Gram, PAS + diastase (2 kit), Perls Prussian Blue, Alcian Blue (pH 2,5), Ziehl-Neelsen, Elastin (Modified Weigert~s Resorcin Fuchsin, Verhoeff~s elastic tissue).
The gastric mucosa lining the choristomal wall stained positive with periodic acid-Schiff stain, stained negative with Alcian blue staining, and showed a thin layer of smooth muscle fibers and a thick connective tissue layer with Masson trichrome.
Serial sections from the wound were evaluated with H&E staining, a-smooth muscle actin ([alpha]-SMA; DAKO, Glostrup, Denmark) immunostaining, and Masson Trichrome staining.
Corneal scrapings collected by ophthalmologists were tested by microscopy; modified trichrome staining was used to detect microsporidial sporelike structures.
2006); however, collagen structure (identified by trichrome staining) did not show any significant difference between FA- and SS-exposed 10-week-old lungs [see Supplemental Material, Figure S2 (http://dx.
The development of collagen and elastin fibres of the tissue was confirmed by Masson's trichrome and Verhoeff's stain respectively.
Tissues from a subset of animals were processed through the Leavander modification of Brown and Brenn's stain for bacteria as well as Wheatley's modification to Mallory's trichrome stain (Humason 1979).
Endothelial staining with CD31 confirmed the presence of numerous blood vessels within the lesion (figure 2, B), and trichrome staining further defined the fibrovascular core of the mass (figure 2, C).