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A division into three parts.
[G. trichia, threefold, + tomē, a cutting]
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The ultimate aim is to show that in 2D, a kind of trichotomy (similar to the one described above in higher dimensions) can still be defined.
The trichotomy representation is needed since the data used in USI Answers consists primarily of (semi) structured key-value associations stored within multiple Oracle database views.
No doubt, the constitution of establishes the principle of the trichotomy of powers, but it does not provide for complete separation among the three organs.
What I am suggesting is that MacIntyre's trichotomy is false or at least misleading in pretending that the demands of giving and receiving can be isolated from concerns for security, the only good identified by him as a legitimate matter of the state, or, for that matter, the need for enforcement of the decisions reached by IPRers in a virtuous community.
In this paper we consider two concepts of trichotomy for evolution operators in Banach spaces.
It is supposed that the trichotomy reduces the infection and facilitates the suture, but there are no evidences favorable to this supposition.
Among the topics are the classification of groups of Gorenstein-Walter type, the classification of quasi-thin groups, the pre-trichotomy and trichotomy theorems, and eliminating the uniqueness case.
Much of the Jewish perception of disabilities mirrors this trichotomy.
Retirement plan advisers, although they might prefer to embrace technology, find themselves dancing at the center of a trichotomy of interests.
Referring to Kesavananda Bharati case about basic structure of Indian constitution, he said the courts here had held that it could not be followed and rather our own concept of trichotomy of powers would be followed.
The government's criticism of judicial activism is based on the argument that it runs counter to the principle of trichotomy of powers and sovereignty of parliament as contained in the constitution.
The petitioners have called on the Supreme Court to strike down Article 175-A, and say the article has "eroded the trichotomy of powers".