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A division into three parts.
[G. trichia, threefold, + tomē, a cutting]
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We know that 10 trichotomies generate 66 signs from the reasoning set by Peirce (1931b: 254-265), which cenopythagorean categories obeys 3 factors: (1) the factor A, signs in themselves, (2) the factor B, signs in relation to objects, and (3) the factor C, signs interpreted to represent.
Valls, Robustness of nonuniform exponential trichotomies in Banach spaces, J.
Stating these as dichotomies and trichotomies make them easier and more meaningful for players to first learn, then practice, and finally execute during game conditions.
Mercifully, the other two trichotomies are not part of K&G's discussion and need not concern us here.