trichomoniasis, trichomonosis

disease caused by infection with the protozoan parasite Trichomonas spp.

avian trichomoniasis
a disease of the upper digestive tract of young birds, especially pigeon squabs, caused by Trichomonas gallinae. Necrotic lesions are present in the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, crop and sometimes proventriculus and conjunctival sac. Called also canker, frounce, roup.
bovine trichomoniasis
a contagious venereal disease of cattle caused by Tritrichomonas foetus and characterized by infertility, abortion and pyometra.
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But a drop of 17% since last year in the number of gardens visited by greenfinches, which have declined by more than half (53%) since 1979, is thought to be down to the continuing problem of Trichomonosis disease.
The population showed high levels of parasite Trichomonas gallinae, which causes the deadly bird disease trichomonosis.
This crash is attributed to trichomonosis, a parasite that makes it difficult for birds to eat and drink.
We report the first documented occurrence of an outbreak of trichomonosis in a free-ranging small flock of Eurasian collared doves (Streptopelia decaocto) and African collared dove hybrids (Streptopelia risoria) in the Caribbean.
Las muestras extraidas del feto fueron negativas al aislamiento viral y las pruebas para diagnostico de trichomonosis, campylobacteriosis, brucelosis y neosporosis.
The disease, called trichomonosis, is caused by a tiny internal parasite.
Trichomonosis, which is transmitted by a parasite, first emerged in Britain in 2005, causing significant population declines in the two garden birds the next year.
The researchers pinned the demise of Sue and other tyrannosaurs with similar scars on an avian parasitic infection called trichomonosis, caused by a single-celled parasite that causes similar pathologies on the mandibles of modern birds, raptors in particular.
And it should be pointed out that they were the first in the UK (after carrying out more than 300 post mortems) to diagnose trichomonosis in garden finches in 2005.
Delayed versus immediate bedside inoculation of culture media for diagnosis of vaginal trichomonosis.
Ond mae'n ymddangos fod tro ar fyd ac fod gostyngiad yn eu niferoedd yn Ynysoedd Prydain, ac un rheswm dros y gostyngiad yma ydi trichomonosis, afiechyd sydd ddim ond yn effeithio adar, ac sy'n lledaenu o'r golomen i'r durtur i'r llinos werdd, ac mae tybiaeth y gall y durtur dorchog fod yn fwy tueddol o ddal yr afiechyd na'r sguthan.