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(trik″ŏ-mō′nad″) [ tricho- + monad (2)]
1. Related to or resembling the genus Trichomonas.
2. A member of the genus Trichomonas.
trichomonal (-mō′năl), adjective


pertaining to trichomonads.

trichomonal enteritis
the cause-and-effect relationship between the numbers of trichomonads found in association with enteric disease, especially colitis in horses, is doubtful. The organisms may be opportunistic pathogens only.
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5,667,492 covering the technology used in its product Advantage 24(tm), which potentiates the activity of nonoxynol-9 against various organisms which can cause sexually transmitted disease ("STD"), including AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomonal infections, syphilis and genital herpes.
Human trichomonal peritonitis has been reported (8-10).
The time honoured approach for the diagnosis of trichomonal infection has been microscopic evaluation by the wet mount method, a procedure first described by Donne' in 18367.