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an organophosphorous compound having potent anticholinesterase activity; used topically against ectoparasites and internally as an anthelmintic, especially effective against Schistosoma haematobium.

trichlorphon, trichlorfon

an organophosphorus compound used as an anthelmintic. It is toxic for sheep at recommended dose rates and is also hazardous for cattle. In pregnant sows it causes congenital cerebellar agenesis in the piglets and has been associated with left laryngeal hypoplasia in young horses. A solution of the compound is unstable and should be discarded if not used on the same day as the metabolite is toxic.
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1993) and trichlorphon (Prost and Studnicka 1966) in the control of Dactylogyrus is well known.
Although many OP insecticides that produce delayed toxicity have been removed from the market, two compounds, methamidophos and trichlorphon that had been considered safe were later found to cause delayed toxicity in humans (22).